CDP rating

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) once again receives the top A rating in the CDP's 2021 rating and is thus awarded for its commitment against climate change.

With an A rating, DB AG is in the top group in the climate rating together with 200 companies worlwide. About 13,000 companies disclosed their environmental data via CDP, which is about 35% more than in the previous year (about 9,600 companies).

In the annual credit rating process, CDP applies a detailed and independent methodology, awarding grades from A to D-. The level of transparency and disclosure of climate data, awareness and management of environmental risks, and best practices related to environmentally friendly leadership, such as setting ambitious targets, are assessed.

On behalf of its members - investors, companies and cities - the London-based non-profit international rating organization CDP collects environmental data from companies every year. CDP evaluates their climate protection activities and the transparency of their reporting and is recognized as the gold standard for corporate environmental transparency.

You can find the complete CDP Climate Change A- List online.

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