Financing programs

Commercial Paper Program

Commercial paper (CP) is the term used for unsecured, short-term bonds, which are generally issued on a discounted basis and repaid at face value. The term of CP is normally between 1 and 364 days. Thus, CP provides short-term financing on the capital market. CP investors are institutional investors.


IssuersDeutsche Bahn AG
Program amount€

ING Bank N.V.


Bank of America Merrill Lynch International DAC, Barclays Bank Ireland PLC, Barclays Bank PLC, Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG, Citigroup Global Markets Limited, ING Bank N.V., Société Générale, UBS AG London Branch and BRED Banque Populaire.

Issue and paymentDeutsche Bank AG
Term 1 to 364 days

You can download the documentation for the DB AG CP program here:

Commercial paper program (german)
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