Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH

Company profile

Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH operates as a finance company for Deutsche Bahn Group.

Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH acts as the issuing vehicle of Deutsche Bahn Group. The company issues bonds on various international markets. Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH was founded in the Netherlands in 1994 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. The issued bonds are guaranteed by Deutsche Bahn AG.

On September 1, 2017, the company's change of registered office and legal form, which preserved its identity, was completed with its entry in the Commercial Register of Berlin-Charlottenburg. Deutsche Bahn Finance B.V. with registered office in Amsterdam became Deutsche Bahn Finance GmbH with registered office in Berlin. All previously issued bonds remained fully guaranteed by Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG). The role of Deutsche Bahn Finance as a Group financing company and its structural classification within the DB Group remained unchanged. Accordingly, the financial management system of the DB Group did not change as a result.


Articles of association DB Finance (2023) - (german)

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