Governance and Management


Compliance encompasses the observance and compliance with all regulations considered as the basis for integrity in business dealings: laws, internal instructions and guidelines. Deutsche Bahn stands for integrity, reliability and correctness.

Compliance understanding and principles

Compliance is an integral part of the DB Group's corporate and management culture. For us, compliance means the conformity of our business activities with the relevant laws and regulations.

The focus of our compliance work is on the prevention of corruption and other white-collar crime and the consistent combating of such crimes. Binding guidelines on this serve to protect the DB Group, its employees and managers. The sensitisation of our employees and managers continues to be of great importance, because only risk-conscious employees can recognise risks and successfully avoid or at least reduce them.

The DB Group's compliance work includes, among other things, the early identification of compliance risks and the corresponding initiation of countermeasures. This also includes the implementation of compliance programmes, continuous communication and process improvements.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct forms the basis of good corporate governance. It defines standards and expectations for the daily actions of our employees and managers in international and national business transactions as well as customer contact. The managers have a role model function.

For successful and sustainable compliance work, it is also necessary to carefully select business partners and suppliers, to inform them about the DB Group's values ​​and to commit them to a common basis of values. Our expectations are formulated clearly and transparently using the DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

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