Credit ratings


Analysts from credit ratings agencies and banks observe and comment on the development of DB Group. 

The following list contains, to the best of our knowledge, the key analysts whom we know to be evaluating DB AG. We cannot guarantee a complete representation of all analyst reports available on the market. The views of the analysts below, and/or any forecasts, estimates or predictions made by the analysts regarding the development of DB Group, are only the opinions of these analysts, and do not represent the views, forecasts, estimates and predictions of DB Group and/or the management of DB AG. The fact that DB Group is providing the names of these analysts does not mean that the company endorses their reports, conclusions or recommendations, or agrees with them. DB Group assumes no liability for the accuracy of this representation, and assumes no obligation to update it if no changes have been made known.

The analysts responsible for DB AG’s credit ratings are:

  • S&P Global Ratings: Stefania Belsario
  • Moody's: Kristin Yeatman
  • Fitch Ratings: Guido Bach
  • Creditreform: Artur Kapica
  • Scope Ratings: Gennadij Kremer
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