Deutsche Bahn achieves top position in climate rating among almost 10,000 companies

DB Group awarded for the fourth time in a row for global leadership in commitment against climate change - DB Group received grade A on CDP climate list

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has once again been awarded the top grade of A in the prestigious climate protection ranking list compiled by the global non-profit environmental organization CDP. DB Group is thus considered an international leader in its efforts against climate change. For the fourth time in a row, Deutsche Bahn, together with the Canadian Railway, is one of the most climate-friendly rail transport companies worldwide.

With an A rating, DB Group is in the top group together with 270 companies. Around 9,600 companies that disclosed their environmental data via CDP took part in this year's rating. DB Group has been included in the CDP rating since 2015.

On behalf of its members - investors, companies and cities - the London-based non-profit international rating organization CDP collects environmental data from companies every year. CDP evaluates their climate protection activities and the transparency of their reporting.

The Climate A list can be found on the CPD website.

Further information on DB Group's environmental and climate protection activities is available at

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