Deutsche Bahn once again received highest score from CDP for climate protection

CDP evaluates worldwide climate change protection activities and transparency in corporate reporting. Deutsche Bahn was once again awarded the highest score “A” in the latest rankings.

Deutsche Bahn has once again been awarded the highest score “A” from the international rating organization CDP in its Climate Change 2018 scoring. Together with the Canadian National Railway Company and UPS, it has therefore been recognized as one of the most climate-friendly companies in the transport and logistics sector worldwide. The CDP rating evaluates climate protection activities and the strategy of companies on climate change as well as the transparency of their reporting. CDP is considered the world’s most prestigious climate protection ranking list.

With an “A” rating, Deutsche Bahn is in the top group of 2018 alongside 126 companies across the world. A total of over 7,000 companies were involved in the rating process. You can find the complete CDP Climate Change A List 2018 and all other company ratings online.

CDP represents more than 650 investors with assets under management of over $ 87 trillion and 115 large organizations with a combined purchasing power of $ 3.3 trillion. You can find more information about the CDP on their website.

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