Rating organization CDP confirms top grade for Deutsche Bahn

DB CEO Dr. Richard Lutz: "Rank in the top group gives us wings in our claim to be a climate pioneer

Deutsche Bahn has once again been awarded the top grade "A" by the international rating organization CDP. DB Group has thus been recognized as one of the most climate-friendly companies in the transport and logistics sector worldwide. With an "A" rating, the DB Group is in the top group in 2019 with 179 companies (“A List”). A total of over 8,400 companies participated in the rating. 

DB CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer Dr. Richard Lutz: "We are proud of this good performance on an international scale. The result inspires us in our claim to be a climate pioneer. We are currently demonstrating this with another ecological milestone: for the first time, we have achieved a 60 percent share of eco-power in our traction current mix. This means that we have achieved a share far above the public electricity mix. The same applies to the future: We are consistently replacing fossil fuels with green electricity.  

The CDP rating evaluates climate protection activities and the climate change strategy of companies and the transparency of their reporting. Companies are rated on behalf of CDP members - investors, companies and cities. As a result, the organization has the world's most comprehensive collection of company-related climate data.  

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