Governance and Management

Public Corporate Governance Codex

On July 1, 2009, the Federal Government adopted new Principles of Corporate Governance for use in the government sector; the principles also comprise the so-called Public Corporate Governance Code of the Federal Government (Public Code - PCGK).

The Public Corporate Governance Code contains major regulations of prevailing law concerning the management and monitoring of unlisted companies in which the Federal Republic of Germany owns a majority stake, as well as internationally and nationally recognized standards of good and responsible management.

The aim of the Public Corporate Governance Code is to ensure that corporate management and monitoring becomes more transparent and verifiable and to ensure that the role of the Federal Government as a shareholder is defined in a clearer manner. At the same time the raise of awareness of good corporate Governance should be increased.

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG) has adjusted their rules in accordance with the requirements of the PCGK. The PCGK fully applies to companies within DB AG to the extent that it is required and practical in light of the unique characteristics of a corporate structure.

For download of the Public Corporate Governance Codex please see the link on the right of this website.

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