Governance and Management

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance rules are intended to ensure good, responsible, value-focused corporate management.

We are convinced that good corporate governance is fundamental to the success of DB Group. Our aim is to sustainably increase the enterprise value so as to promote the interests of customers, business partners, investors, employees and the public, while maintaining and expanding trust in DB Group.

Corporate Governance Report 

The Board of Management reports on corporate governance in the DB Group as part of the annual Integrated Report. You will find the current Corporate Governance report here for download:

Corporate Governance Report 2019 - DB Group
PDF-Download 146.4 KB

Compensation Report

The compensation report outlines the compensation system and lists the individual compensation of the members of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board.

The compensation system for the Management Board of DB AG aims to provide appropriate compensation to the Management Board members in accordance with their duties and areas of responsibility, while at the same time directly taking into account the performance of each Management Board member and the success of the company.

The members of the Management Board are covered by liability insurance against financial losses incurred due to DB AG’s business operations (D& O insurance). In the year under review, this insurance was designed as a Group insurance policy with the deductible provided for under law; it provides coverage for financial losses that may occur during the performance of Management Board activities.

Statement of Compliance

The Management Board and Supervisory Board of DB AG jointly state:

“Since the last statement of compliance was published on March 27, 2019, DB AG has complied with the recommendations adopted by the Federal Government on July 1, 2009 concerning the PCGK, with the exception of point 3.3.2 (the insurance deductible when taking out D& O liability insurance for the Supervisory Board). DB AG will continue to comply with the recommendations of the PCGK in the future, with the exception mentioned above until a decision is reached concerning deductibles for the Supervisory Board.”

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