V.E ESG rating

V.E has given Deutsche Bahn AG a robust rating with a score of 52/100. 

With a score of 52/100 in 2021, Deutsche Bahn Group (DB Group) has a robust ESG score and is above sector average performance. 

V.E (formaly Vigeo Eiris) is an independent international provider of environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and services for investors, public and private organisations. V.E undertakes risk assessments and evaluates the level of integration of sustainability factors within the strategy and operations of organisations. V.E has been part of Moody’s ESG Solutions since 2019. Moody’s ESG Solutions is a business unit of Moody’s Corporation that serves the growing global demand for ESG and climate insights.

V.E's ESG scores measure the degree to which companies take into account and manage material Environmental, Social and Governance factors. The ESG scores rank from 0-100, categorising companies as weak (0-29), limited (30-49), robust (50-59) or advanced (60-100). Companies with higher V.E ESG scores are stronger at managing relationships with their stakeholders. They are less likely to experience business disruption or miss opportunities due to a failure to consider and meet their stakeholders’ expectations. This, in turn, can better position them to mitigate risks and create sustainable value for shareholders over the medium to long-term. 

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