The international ratings agencies S&P Global Ratings and Moody's give DB AG high ratings for creditworthiness. 

Their credit ratings represent an independent and up-to-date evaluation of a company’s creditworthiness. Ratings agencies’ analyses consider not only quantitative factors, but also qualitative factors such as industry specifics, market position and the company’s portfolio of  products and services.

DB AG’s creditworthiness is evaluated by international ratings agencies Moody´s and S&P Global Ratings on an ongoing basis.

The current ratings reflect DB AG’s high level of creditworthiness:

DB AG ratings

Rating agency     Long-term rating Short-term rating Last update Download
S&P Global Ratings   AA-/negative A-1+ June 11, 2020   
Moody's   Aa1/negative P-1 June 05, 2020   

Overview of investment grade Ratings

S&P Global Ratings Moody's
AA+ Aa11)
AA Aa2


A+ A1
A A2
A- A3
BBB+ Baa1
BBB Baa2
BBB- Baa3

1) DB Rating